Alberta high school students, through this multimedia contest, will discover and share amazing stories from our community.


This year is the centennial of the end of First World War.

Some 48,000 Albertans put their lives on hold to serve and many thousands more put their hearts into keeping things going at home.  Alberta high school students are invited to participate in this multimedia contest to discover and share these amazing stories from our community.


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The Spirit of Peace

The war touched every Alberta community in some way. The SPIRIT of Peace contest invites Alberta students in Grades 10-12 to share how their hometown and home front heroes made a difference throughout the Great War era. 

Go to your local museum or library.  Unfold the stories of the men and women who marched to war, farmed the crops to keep everyone fed, kept the businesses and factories running, cared for the injured…and who dreamed of peace.

The SPIRIT of Peace is an initiative of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta through the History and Heroes Foundation.




Albertans in grades 10-12, you're invited to create an original multimedia presentation that brings your town’s First World War story to life. Participants are strongly encouraged to make use of local history resources.

Entries should reflect how your local war hero or home front leader demonstrated the “SPIRIT” traits of:  Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Integrity, Resiliency, Inspiration and Teamwork. 

Entries much be submitted in a multimedia format such as PowerPoint, MovieCreator or GoogleSlides.

Everyone who submits an entry will receive a letter of appreciation from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. View contest poster

Winners will be announced during Remembrance Week 2018.

Three prizes will be awarded:

First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize




Learn more through history resources, first-hand accounts, and by exploring your community's museums and cenotaphs for local connections to share with us.

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